Monday, October 10, 2016

strange — mind

I am a kid of many things, many periods, many kinds. But what I want to write most now is that I am a kid of a time when freedom is free to claim. It is mainly because human rights existed to then legimitazed as our human needs. In its time to develop, it changes the world to be a place that is so open to many things, good and bad. Everything is exposed right in front of our very eyes, but I think the most exposed thing about us in social life is the fact that stating something is as free as living. That means anyone can say anything anytime and anywhere and we can't stop them by saying they do not have the right to say—they actually do. 

Not only stating something, in our wide society, people ask all the time over anything and it's commonly every single piece about you—what you do, what you like, what you hate. And you will answer them with your own reaction. No matter how good you will do, no matter how much people love you, there are always questions blabbering around to be answered. I know it is inevitable for anyone. Speaking it for me, there will be questions I have to be ready for when I do everything. There will be confusions I need to solve once I state anything. There will be them who will be quick enough to spill the words and I have to catch up to that when something happens to me. This will not stop revolving around as long as I am still catching a breath.

But, then I realize something over the time I think about this. Miranda Richardson, an English actress, once said that you can't please people all the time. And it kind of wakes me when I am just making up the words for their questions. When they are blobbing the questions around my head, now I know how to shoo the blobs. When you are thinking of something, doing something, becoming someone, loving things and hating the rest, you do not do it to answer their questions. You do them all because you have the will to do so. And simply because you want to, not because they tell you to. That is how life should revolve and the way you should do your life; by doing anything that you love most. 

So, when they ask me why I love to write and put it up online or publish it, I do it out of love. I write to let others read and know to then tell me what they think. I write to share my strange mind, to know am I the only person thinking about it. I write to tell stories that has happened. I write to warn, I write to remember. If some take photography as their tool to freeze time, writing was mine. And I do understand that maybe some people can't actually capture what I am trying to tell through words but everyone of us has different way of telling, right? 

Then with this, I'm introducing you to me and my strange mind. My name is Nadia Viola Angesti and I usually go by any name that you pick alone, I am 18 and sitting my senior year of high school while doing things I love the most. What I want to sum up to say in the end of this is that when people start thinking about their questions they are about to land on me, I will keep doing what I do. I will do what I want as long as it's not so bad that I would go to jail or departed from my country—I know its possibility to happen is as tiny as dust. I think it applies to you too, whoever you are, wherever you stand in this world, whenever you catch a glance of this writing, I need you to understand those questions don't need to be answered. All you need to do is believe that you have done good things, and that will be enough. Stop doing things just to please others—please yourself.